Lean, Mean and Lime Green – Volume Two

- Racing with Kawasaki with US Superbikes and the World Championship-winning ‘tandem twins’


The books in the Lean, Mean and Lime Green series are without doubt the most complete story ever told of racing with Kawasaki in the USA. Volume Two covers the important years from 1978 until 1983 that saw the memorable emergence of the Superbike class in America. It was this class which nurtured the talents of future Grand Prix superstars, Eddie Lawson, Freddie Spencer and Wayne Rainey. All three were talent-spotted and signed for Team Kawasaki USA by Randy Hall, the author of both books in this series. As team manager and development engineer he was always at the heart of the action, whether at the racetrack or behind the scenes. In this book he describes in detail the development and racing of the US National Championship-winning  Kawasaki Superbikes as well as the 250 and 350cc ‘tandem twin’ two strokes that won no less than eight world titles. The book is superbly illustrated with full colour studio photography, technical line drawings and rare pictures from the archives of top racing photographers back in the day.



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Lean, Mean and Lime Green – Racing with Kawasaki in the US Superbike Years



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